Why "Fourth Quadrant"?

In an Emergent Learning Table, the fourth quadrant is “Opportunities.” That’s where groups pull out their calendars and look for opportunities to test out their best current thinking in practice — to deliberately link theory and action. The Fourth Quadrant is where learning turns into results.


Fourth Quadrant Partners, LLC helps mission-critical organizations and social innovators use the principles and tools of Emergent Learning to accelerate, deepen and institutionalize their ability to think about and learn from their work in order to improve their ability to achieve their goals, even in the midst of unpredictable challenges.


We formed 4QP in 2011. We built our unique approach on years of research and practice. We have seen that, with a clear intent and a structure to support learning together, a community can learn and accomplish far more together than any member could learn and accomplish on their own.



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