The work of Metropolitan Opportunity sought to fix broken systems to promote social change, which can be quite abstract.  4QP helped us to clearly articulate a theory of change/logic model that attuned us differently to observe and track progress.  More importantly, the “theory in action” that 4QP helped us to formalize was a precursor to the crucial task of implementing work processes that embedded learning and evaluation in every practice, decision, and relationship involved in the work.

-- George McCarthy, Director, Metropolitan Opportunity, the Ford Foundation

Strengthen learning-based leadership and implementation


4QP serves as thinking partners with organizational leaders to clarify strategic direction, build alignment around strategies and strengthen operational leadership. 4QP works with program teams to improve results by sharpening and testing their thinking in the context of real work – funding decisions, operational implementation, site visits, convenings. In the process, 4QP helps deepen and capture a team’s working knowledge without making them stop and “do reflection.”


Ford Foundation: 4QP helped Ford Foundation's Metropolitan Opportunity Unit (MOU) deepen its collective understanding and ability to talk about how to strengthen economies, empower low-income residents and reduce inequality across its ten metro regions. 4QP helped focus precious time together during Program Officer meetings around thinking strategically about what they are learning across their metros. 4QP helped transform the annual budget process into a more thoughtful platform for testing assumptions and making thoughtful decisions. 4QP provided coaching to members of the MOU team to help build shared leadership and strengthen internal processes.


Living Cities: 4QP helped Living Cities and its members explore, catalyze and propagate new approaches to capital innovation in cross-sector community and urban development.  In such R&D initiatives as Capital Absorption, Pay-for-Success and Impact Investing, 4QP tracked real-time learning and results to support teams in developing new funding products and approaches for greater and more immediate benefits in the lives of the low-income people. Learning-based leadership allowed Living Cities to enter uncharted territory and return with deeper understanding of where and how complex environments can yield possibilities that may not have existed up till now.

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