We couldn't have done it without you…Your contribution is part of our DNA and way of doing business. I know what my job is because you told me "leaders always hold onto the vision and never let go' … And the vision changes people. They believe. We give people an opportunity to understand that they can create their own destiny, if they are willing to envision it and claim it.

-- Barbara Hammond,  Founder and President of The Learning Alliance

Catalyze cross-sector partnerships


4QP helps cross-sector partnerships or networks of peers elicit their best collective thinking and deliberately test it out in implementation, in order to accomplish more together than they are able to achieve working independently. 4QP works as a thinking partner to help develop strategies; uses Emergent Learning tools to support learning through implementation across the work of each independent entity; and designs and facilitates convenings to build knowledge and capacity from the whole collective body of experience.


The Moonshot Moment Breakthrough Literacy Initiative: The goal of this initiative is 90% grade-level learning by Grade 3 for all public school students in Indian River County (from a national average of 47-60%).   Since 2011 in the Moonshot Moment journey, 4QP has helped The Learning Alliance, the Indian River County School District and an expanding cadre of community leaders build a real-time emergent strategy and community culture that redefines the importance of everyone’s role in educating children.  In this 5-year breakthrough initiative --  starting with an all-inclusive vision of the community well-being (including positive social indicators such as property values rising, community-wide literacy rates, etc.) that comes from the gateway achievement of Grade 3 90% literacy in public schools, 4QP has continued to introduce systematic learning disciplines and systems change leadership training that allows  self-organization and cross-sector learning to flourish.  IRC is now serving as a model to other US communities in the National Campaign for Grade-Level learning as the only region that is taking an all-community whole-system approach.




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